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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

13.12.2019: At the end of my holiday week, I really want to paint a second painting, one in clear, bright colours and with lots of red. As a motif, I choose an old acquaintance on whom I have already cut my teeth five times: A portrait of an Asian model after a photo by Idris & Tony. The facial expression of distance, pride and perhaps even a certain arrogance always captivates me and challenges me. So far I have not been able to capture the essence of this expression in painting. In what is now my sixth attempt with this motif, I therefore actually have nothing to lose and I go about my work in a completely playful manner, starting with a first layer of paint that I apply with a roller: a warm red for the background, Prussian blue for the dark parts and a lighter orange-red for the skin parts of the figure.

14.12.2019: Next I sketch the contours of the figure in a pale green - I wonder if this will turn out well.

Now I want to bring strong contrasts and bright colours into the picture and mark the lightest parts of the motif in a cold, bright yellow and the shadow areas of the skin in turquoise with a broad brush. I always try to include the background in the work, so that it does not appear detached at the end. First I diversify the colourfulness of the background with purple and green, then at the end I dare to set some markers with bright blue. I also set some accents in the figure in the same blue. After I have also made the figure more multi-layered with further colour tones, I don't want to change much more of the colour concept and I get down to the detail work...

15.12.2019: Today I'm taking another look at the painting. I noticed a few small details in the hair, on the chin and on the ear that bother me. I would like to correct these before I finally let this motif rest.

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