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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

22.02.2019: New impulses and a new portrait: In recent days, I have been preoccupied with the self-portraits of Christos Tsimaris, who lives in London. Over the course of a year, he has painted a series of very different self-portraits, all of which are incredibly expressive and technically extremely multi-layered and dense. I'm trying to continue working in this direction in my new painting. Let's see what I can create...

I have chosen a photo of the musician Justin Townes Earle as my motif, which I have kept in my collection of templates for a long time. It is a winter image and I want to try to make the cold tangible in my painting. I choose the format 80/80 cm and prime the raw canvas with black gesso for the first time. I choose the detail of the image in such a way that the figure is slightly off-centre and thus seems to be in motion. The figure's gaze is thus more like a fleeting glance to the side as it passes.

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