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'Sister my Sister'

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

after the album cover of 'Heart Like a Levee' by Hiss Golden Messenger

26.04.2019: Only once before have I dared to do a portrait of a child and it came to nothing. Today I would like to try again. I have been saving the template in my template collection for a long time. The portrait is very expressive for a child's portrait. The boy's gaze and posture betray reserve, distance, shyness, or perhaps even fear. The lighting conditions are very low in contrast. The only darker accents are the hairline, mouth, eyes and an object in the boy's right hand. Thus the original is completely opposite to my last painting by Leif Vollebekk (No. 190029), which is rich in contrast.

I realised the painting in 60/60 cm format on raw canvas, which I primed with black gesso. At the beginning I wet the canvas generously and start with a broad brush and a layer of light orange and grey. I mix a generous amount of wood ash into the paint to create a lively colour structure as it flows.

After the first layer has dried, I immediately apply another layer in the same technique - in ochre. Then I switch to a narrower 5 cm wide brush and start to approach the figure. Today I have sufficient time for the head hair in rust tones and the skin parts in old pink and off-white turquoise. Colour-wise, I want to stick with this palette. I think the restrained pastel shades suit the motif.

27.04.2019: Today I'm mainly working on the fine details like eyes, nose and mouth with a slightly finer brush. I want to be sparing with corrections - the colour structure with the ash has turned out beautifully and I don't want to destroy it under any circumstances.

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