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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

What a fantastic song! What a great musician! According to Spotify statistics, in 2020 four of my top five most listened songs on Spotify were by Kid Bloom (Lennon Kloser) and also in 2021 Kid Bloom landed at number 3 out of a total of 2916 musicians whose music I listened to. Last November Kid Bloom released a new song 'Like I never left' and this is for me the best thing that came to my ears in the past months: A sound, as if from another planet, simply magnificent!

A year ago, I set out to paint some portraits of my favorite current musicians. Actually, I wanted to start with a portrait of Kid Bloom. However, even after much research, I have not yet found a motif that would have appealed to me to paint...

In my last blog post I reported on my artistic encounter with the work of the Japanese Keita Morimoto, which has made a lasting impression on me and has given me some strong impulses and ideas for my next works. By chance, Kid Bloom has now also provided me a suitable motif to implement these ideas with the album cover to the song 'Like I never left'. What a coincidence! So, nothing like go!

Format: 80 / 80 cm, surface: canvas primed

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