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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

20.04.2020: I have been wanting to use a low key portrait with strong contrast as a template for one of my paintings for a while now and I search the net for suitable motifs that also appeal to me thematically. Finally, I decide on a portrait of a girl that I like very much. Not a particularly pretty child, but a beautifully open gaze from big dark eyes and a curious, natural laugh on her face. I transfer the picture in 60/60 cm format onto raw linen. The base is primed white. For this painting I want to use the 'full palette' of my three colours and paint a colourful image, even if this does not seem very obvious with a low key template. I apply the first layer of colour with the roller, mainly in yellow tones. But I also add red and blue here. On top of that, I apply a layer on a wet surface with a broad brush in liquid, dark violet for the shadow areas and in light yellow for the light areas. Spontaneous, quick strokes - I can still correct what is not right in the subsequent work steps.

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