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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

02.02.2019: A week ago I started a new painting already and today I finally got around to working on it further. A portrait of an old man with a beard from a special perspective and in very differentiated light. I want to make the painting very bright and especially in different shades of white. Format 60/60 cm on raw canvas, which I have primed in white for once.

A week ago I put a first layer of the background and marked some first parts of the figure in dark greys and light greens, today I went more and more into detail...

15.02.2019: The fact that I hardly find time to paint lately has its good side. In the meantime, the painting has rested and I have gained some distance. From this distance I find that I don't have to change much to finish it. So I only correct a few fine details on the eye, nose and beard and make a few small colour corrections on the background. The red spot above the ear, which I first wanted to paint over, no longer bothers me and I leave it as an accent.

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