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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

(Olten: Town in the Swiss Mittelland between Zurich and Bern; in the local dialect the name of the town is pronounced "Oute")

30.10.2021: Commission for a large-format painting into an office: a view of the old town of Olten with the historic wooden bridge over the river Aare. Since the request did not contain any other guidelines, I did not have to think long whether to accept. After a long time I felt like painting a landscape again, and the attraction and challenge of this commission is to translate a postcard motif in such a way that the result is expressive, exciting and unique. Also in the choice of the photo template, the commissioner gave me a lot of freedom. I decided in consultation with the client for a photo template, which is very exciting and rich in contrast from the lighting conditions. The shot was taken shortly before sunset and the house fronts of the old town, which extend down to the banks of the Aare, as well as the old wooden bridge over the Aare are already in the shade and rather dark. However, the setting sun is reflected in some of the window panes of the houses on the opposite side of the river and throws bright light reflections back onto the house fronts on the water. These light reflections, together with the horizon line of the sky above the roofs of the old town and a glistening-grey reflection of the sunlight in the dial of the tower clock, are the brightest parts of the picture. The whole game is finally reflected in the water of the river.Let's see if I succeed in transferring this tension also onto my painting...

Format: 120/80 cm, as a base I choose, as with my last two paintings again a chipboard, which I do not prime. Color-wise I will implement the motif mainly in dark blue and purple tones and warm gold tones. As mixed tones will come from these colors also bright, warm green tones into play.

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