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As part of my experiments with the three primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow, I use a new painting technique for me in this painting: I will use the three primary colors in transparent consistency and apply them with the paint roller only. So for once no brush, no palette knife, no paint spray. I am curious about the result...

As a motif I choose an old acquaintance, which I have already painted or drawn a few times: A portrait of the singer Curtis Harding after a brilliant shot by Hedi Slimane. I choose a large square format of 150/150 cm for the painting and cover the stretcher with white primed smooth canvas.




When I began to paint more intensively again a few years ago, I set myself abstraction as a long-term goal. Since some time I notice that I have developed in these years exactly in the opposite direction. With this painting technique, which is new to me, I am now almost photographically concrete and I have said goodbye to abstraction almost entirely. However, what I have also decided at that time about six years ago is that I do not want to doggedly stick to goals but that I also let myself drift a bit and primarily do what I just enjoy. Who knows, maybe my development path suddenly makes a turn again and the abstraction is finally still a topic for me.

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