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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

07.12.2019: A holiday week is coming up and I hope I can use it a bit more productively than the last one. I want to work primarily on my technique and am starting with a new painting. A portrait of a young woman in 60/60 cm format. For this time I leave any attempts with new techniques and materials and I cover the stretcher with smooth canvas. As a first layer, I prime the whole surface with the paint roller in a dark blue-green with an irregular structure.

08.12.2019: My intention is to realise the motif in the colours yellow/dark blue/purple. Over the blue-green underlayer, I lay the background in sunflower yellow, the skin in pale green and the hair in dark Prussian blue with a broad brush and spontaneous stroke. Finally, I mark the lip in a dark purple.

09.12.2019: Today I am already working on the details - partly with a brush but also with a palette knife and by bare hand. I try to diversify the colour shades a little more and to work out the motif in a more complex way. Finally, I take back the sunflower-yellow background a little by applying a pale light yellow over it with my bare hand. Now not much is missing...

10.12.2019: With a little distance, I notice a few mistakes that I would like to correct. The left eye is still not right at all. I'll paint it over again. Apart from that, I don't want to change much more so as not to destroy the overall impression: a few small detail corrections to the hair and the chest is too flat, I'll raise it a little - done.

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