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Gegen den Wind...

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

20.11.2020: After an incredibly long break, I am very happy to start a new painting today. The preparations for the exhibition have given me no peace over the past two months and now that everything is over and most of my paintings have found a new home, I feel a sense of new beginnings. I feel like I'm entering a new phase and I'm curious about what's to come.

I am still influenced by the works of the Californian artist Julio Reyes. With 'Aedan' I painted my first portrait, which was created under this influence. Next, I would like to try to build on this. As mentioned in my blog 'Empyrean', I was once tempted to paint a portrait of a person with closed eyes. I had time to look for suitable motifs during the last weeks. I finally found what I was looking for in the music video for the song 'Desert Days' by Blanco White. At the very end of the video there is a short sequence in which the British singer and songwriter Josh Edwards stands in the wind in a deserted steppe landscape and closes his eyes with the last beat of the music. This expression of serenity, not out of indifference but out of an inner strength that this moment expresses for me, is what I would like to try to capture in my next portrait. There are some themes in this motif that I already dealt with in my portrait 'Aedan' and that I would like to consciously take up again in this work: the contrasts orange/blue-grey and cold/warm as well as red hair and freckles.

For once, I do not choose a square format for the painting, but a rectangular landscape format in the size 100/120 cm, in order to emphasise the direction of the wind.

16.02.2021: Disposed of, stretcher frame reused for 210062.

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