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In the upper Room III

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

07.08.2020: Philip Glass (composer) was a door opener for me. For a long time I had no access to contemporary classical music. When a modern piece was played in between at a concert, I found it interesting at best, was sometimes amazed that one could somehow find one's way as a musician in such a piece, so completely without melody or rhythm to orient oneself by, but a contemporary classical piece of music never really touched me.

Until that evening about fifteen years ago when I attended a ballet evening at the Zurich Opera House with a colleague from work. I generally find dance as a combination of music and body movement something wonderful and ballet in particular has always fascinated me. My colleague got the tickets and I didn't think much about the programme in advance, I was just looking forward to the ballet evening. However, the evening ended up being a key musical experience in my life. In addition to the simple, modern production with a sparse stage set and first-class dancers, it was above all the music that completely enchanted me. It was the piece 'In the upper Room' by Philipp Glass. The simplicity and the sound patterns, which were always repeated in small variations, combined perfectly with the dance to form a coherent whole. Whenever music touches me deeply, I feel a cold shiver down my spine and I usually can't even explain exactly what triggers the shiver. That evening it happened to me several times. Afterwards, I immediately had to get the CD with this music and since then I have discovered many more works by Philip Glass that fascinate and touch me just as much. Since then, the music of Philip Glass has had a prominent place in my classical music collection.

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