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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

10.09.2019: At the end of my three-week painting holiday, I would like to try something new again. I have been following the work of the British artist Jake Wood-Evans for some time. He is fascinated by the works of the old masters and his own work is strongly oriented towards the old classics, both in the choice of motifs and in terms of colour. Nevertheless, he manages to create completely independent and fascinating paintings from them.

I would like to try out his concept, at least to some extent, and orientate myself in terms of colour on a portrait by Rubens in warm tones and strong light contrast. As a motif, I choose a detail of an equally high-contrast photograph by the Italian photographer Alex Majoli, whose work I admire very much. Contrary to the colour concept of Rubens' picture, however, I would like to try to transpose the light areas in my picture and especially the female figure in cold light. For the painting I chose the format 100/100 cm and raw canvas as a base, which I primed with black gesso. Today it is enough for a first layer in the warm brown tones and some light spots in a light ochre.

20.09.2019: Today I almost don't dare to continue working on the painting. The first layers are very beautiful with the warm ochre tones. Finally, I start to approach the figure in terms of colour. I want to dress the woman in a colourful fabric with blue, red and white tones. And finally, I want the figure to appear in cold light (I imagine a fluorescent or LED light as the light source), but I want to leave the background in warm tones. Let's see if that works...

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