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Life is but a dream

Updated: May 1


I like Jacob Banks' voice and his songs have been accompanying me when I paint for some time now. Recently, I took a closer look at the cover photo of the song 'Just when I thought'. I found the shot simply brilliant and I spontaneously decided to use this motif as the motif for my next painting.

Format: 160/120 cm, Surface: primed canvas

24.11.2023: I would like to emphasize the calm mood of the motif with a colour concept based on orange, ochre and olive tones. As is usually the case with my last paintings, I first cover the white canvas with a liquid layer of orange, ochre and dark green and leave it to chance how the three color areas run into each other. This step helps me to avoid the blockade that often arises when it comes to making the first brushstroke on a white canvas. I also use this step to create the first color accents, as I try not to completely cover this lowest color layer with the subsequent layers of paint. Most of the paintings where I have succeeded in doing this convince me with their lively color structure.

27.11.2023: Next, I sketch the motif in a dark shade of green on the colored background.

28.11.2023: I want to make the wall in the background of the motif calm and homogeneous in contrast to the sumptuous sofa and the figure. In contrast to the photo template, where the wall is orange, I opted for a mustard yellow for my painting. To make the surface appear homogeneous, I work with fairly fluid paint, which I apply with a broad brush and irregular strokes. A total of eight passes are necessary to achieve the desired homogeneity, especially along the back of the sofa. To prevent the upper part of the picture from becoming too boring, I let the mustard yellow paint run out towards the upper edge of the painting. There, the lively structure of the bottom layer of paint is still visible as a contrast.

30.11. bis 05.12.2023: The rest is now detail work. Once again, I want to avoid giving in to unimportant details too early and choose a 6 cm wide brush, which forces me to work generously. Only at the very end do I switch to a 2 cm wide brush for the finer details of the face and hands.

The motif now comes into its own even better in this large format. The painting will certainly be given a prominent place in my next exhibition in spring 2024.

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