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25.09.2021: To try out a new painting surface, I choose a familiar motif. I have already used it for one of my last drawings. Instead of jute or linen, I would like to try painting directly on wood for the first time, a wooden panel that is made of pressed and glued wood chips and thus already has a strong structure. This structure should remain visible and I would like to use it as an additional design element. I therefore begin to apply the first glazing layer of paint directly on the raw surface - without primer - using a broad brush. In terms of colour, I limit myself to Prussian blue, umber and yellow.

Format: 84.5 x 62 cm

26.09.2021: On the fleetingly applied first layer of paint, I am already starting to work on the details today...

03.10.2021: Today, lighter tones and more differentiated colours are added for the darker parts of the painting...

06.10.2021: Today I try to bring a little more yellow into the painting, but in the evening I realise that I have overdone it. I am no longer convinced by the colours of the painting and I am bothered by the fact that these yellow tones do not appear at all in the light reflections of the glasses.

13.10.2021: Today I try to salvage the painting by adding more green tones to the strong yellow tones. Overall, I now change the initially predominant blue tones into differentiated green tones. Once again I realise that beautiful green tones can be mixed from Prussian blue with yellow...

...and I like my new painting surface made of pressed and glued wood chips. I will definitely experiment a little more on this medium.

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