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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

28.09.2019: It's autumn and I'm in the mood for a seasonal change. Recently I came across a beautiful picture of a water lily pond and I would like to transform it into a large format painting (150/150 cm) in autumnal colours. The canvas, primed with black gesso, has been in the studio for some time. Actually, I wanted to paint a spring picture with cherry blossoms on it. Now it's going to become an autumnal water lily painting.

Technically, I want to try something new and try to paint the whole painting once with the same brush width instead of starting with a broad brush and then going into more and more detail with narrower and narrower strokes. I imagine that the brush strokes are drawn in a constant width in the form of parallel traces throughout the whole canvas, similar to equidistant contour lines on a map. And so this painting will not consist of several superimposed layers of paint, as most of my previous ones do, but of one layer of parallel brush lines - let's see if that turns out to be something. Today I'm going to start outlining the lily pads with orange-red paint...

04./05.10.2019: Yesterday and today I continued working on my lily pond. It turns out that it will be a lot of hard work with the goals I have set for myself. Painting over 2m2 with a 2cm wide brush just takes time. I'm looking forward to the first time the overall impression of the painting becomes somewhat recognisable. I imagine the final result to be very colourful in warm green and autumn tones and as a contrast the mirror of the cold blue sky. The only change I am allowing myself today is that I am working on the lily pads and not on the surface of the water.

06./11.10.2019: I am making progress in small steps. The most time-consuming thing is that I mix a new colour tone for almost every brush stroke. I want to create a multi-layered painting with very differentiated colours. The overall impression is still not really visible...

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