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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

16.01.2023: For quite some time I would like to introduce myself on the bio page of my web site with a self-painted portrait, instead of a photo as up to now. As a small project in between I would like to paint a selfie again after long years. I choose a landscape format of 80x50 cm and move myself in the painting quite to the right, in order to leave enough space for the text of the web page. Also this painting I will paint in the three primary colors. I have only just begun to experiment with it and the potential seems to me far from exhausted.

I start with two passes on wet ground and with a wide brush, before indulging in the details with a slightly narrower brush.

21.01.2023: Today I work again for a some hours on the details and with a late shift I even manage to finish the painting. Initially, I worked only with the pure primary colors and mixed them directly on the canvas. Today I also used some mixed tones and at the end also mixed tones with white to increase the contrast and also the differentiation of colors somewhat.

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