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The Curtain

Updated: May 9, 2021

01.05.2021: A tiny photo source (approx. 3 x 5 cm) that I once came across by chance on the internet. I do not remember the source of the photo or the photographer. Despite the limited quality of the image, it is a beautiful motif that gives me a lot of freedom in the creative realisation. I would first like to transform the motif into a drawing. However, I already believe that this motif could also become a beautiful large-format painting.

Coloured pencil on paper in A2 format (42 x 59.7 cm)

06.05.2021: Initially I decided to use only warm colours such as red, yellow, ochre and brown for the drawing. In the end, however, I decided otherwise, as I wanted to contrast the shady parts of the picture more clearly with the light areas, and contrasting colours to red, yellow and ochre allow darker shades to be mixed. So I had to expand my palette with green and blue tones.

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