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Inspiration: Agnes Grochulska

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Recently I came across a Polish artist who was unknown to me and who lives in the USA: Agnes Grochulska. I was very impressed by her work. Both some of her portraits and some of her drawings have kept me busy ever since. Technically, she is very adept and plays with different stylistic elements, such as contrasting outlines, colour gradients, which she consciously graduates into a few shades and delineates against each other. And last but not least, she uses simplification and abstraction effectively and skilfully.

What I particularly like about Agnes Grochulska's paintings is the contrast between earthy natural tones and bright colours, which she uses sparingly but purposefully and to great effect. This gives her paintings tension. In contrast to my own work, the line plays a more important role in Agnes Grochulska's work. I think you notice that she also sketches and draws a lot. She plays skilfully with a balanced mix of areas and lines.

I always pay attention to the play of colour contrasts between cold and warm, light and dark in my own work. However, the way Agnes Grochulska uses these elements is new to me and I like to be inspired by her work.

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