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My Studio: Insights and Outlooks

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

18.03.2021: All my works of the last few years were created in my current studio in Möriken. In the meantime, I have furnished it appropriately and optimised the lighting conditions with two daylight lamps so that I can also work when it is dark outside. But the studio is spatially cramped and restricts me quite a bit in my possibilities.

The spatial situation does not allow me to work on more than one painting at a time. Since my studio is in the attic, the staircase also sets limits on the size of the paintings I can do. The maximum size of a canvas that I can still get up and down the staircase with difficulty is 150x150 cm. But I would also like to paint larger pictures. And then there is the restriction that I have no water in the studio. Since I can't avoid splashing paint when I'm washing out my brushes, I wash out my painting utensils in the cellar. That means 39 steps down each time and then back up again. But this doesn't really bother me that much. I chalk it up to fitness. In old age, however, it could become a serious problem.

For some time now, it has been clear to me that in my third stage of life, I will place art at the centre of my life and would also like to orient my working environment towards it. Step by step I am working in this direction. My next milestone will be next July, when I will be able to further reduce my workload in my current job from 80% to 60%. A few days ago, it became clear that another highlight will follow in summer 2022, when I will be able to move into a new studio near Aarau. My new spacious realm, which I can design according to my needs, will probably be the place where I will spend most of my time in my old age.

In the last few days, the excavator has just driven up and cleared the space for the foundation walls. But everything is actually quite concrete on the plan and in my imagination I've almost moved in. I am incredibly happy!

In the coming months, I will report on the progress of the construction work in this article from time to time...

29.05.2021: Today I am standing in my new studio for the first time, what a moment! The ceiling is still missing, but the space is already clearly recognisable as such.

04.09.2021: My new studio in the basement has now got a ceiling. The high-ceilinged window extends across the entire width of the house. The wall in the centre of the picture will become my working wall.

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